Friday, October 9, 2009

Off to a start...of sorts

So when Elizabeth and I started talking about starting a blog about books, I was pleased as punch. A chance to talk more about books! Now perhaps we'd stop scaring our friends by shrieking every time we got together because we'd just finished the same book and 1) were so excited someone else had read it 2) totally hated it and needed to vent (*cough* Breaking Dawn) or 3) completely adored it and needed to share the love (hi Frankie Landau-Banks!). What could possibly be more exciting?

And then I realized...we'd have to pick a book to write about first. Sophie's choice has nothing on it (um, kidding, clearly). But really. How to choose? Jellicoe Road? Ellen Emerson White? Georgette Heyer's complete works? Would this choice set the tone for the entire blog? Should the first book be an old favorite or something we'd read recently. Something obscure? Popular? Controversial? My poor little brain just overloaded with the possibilities.

In case you didn't see where this is heading, I couldn't chose. Total fail in the decision-making department. So I made Elizabeth do it. And her first post will be coming right up.

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