Monday, April 1, 2013

Hiatus Over!

I have been a terrible blogger. I can't believe I went all Fall without posting! I know you've all been longingly anticipating my witty insights into the world of fiction.

I'll been on a pretty eclectic reading schedule lately, especially since I've gotten addicted to Showtime's Homeland. Darn television show taking up my reading time. Below is my new favorite novel, just to convince you that television hasn't completely rotted my brain (although we're in a TV renaissance, people! If you haven't watched The Wire, you haven't lived). Speaking of TV, Maria Semple, a former writer for Arrested Development, recently published a scathing yet hilarious portrayal of Seattle: Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

by Maria Semple
  • Five-way stops
  • A North Face jacket and jeans passing for "fancy" restaurant wear
  • A plenitude of tech nerds
  • Irritating earnestness
  • The most common response to anything: "no worries"
Sound familiar? Then you must be a Seattle-ite! and you must also read this book.


  1. Ha, 'Bernadette' is terrifyingly familiar for anyone who has spent even a day in the emerald city. Loved it, though the last third dragged a bit.

  2. Thanks to your suggestion I stole this from my wife and couldn't put it down. I often think fondly of the scene with the mudslide. Comedy gold.