Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hark! A Vagrant

Recently I've been reading more nonfiction, which is a little odd because I've never really liked nonfiction. Then I experienced a terrible moment of truth: I'm reading nonfiction because I've reached the advanced age of 31. Soon I'll be confused by pop stars and horrified by new television programs!

Damn, I'm already confused by Justin Bieber and new television programs do horrify me (what the hell, 666 Park Avenue?). And I'm reading nonfiction? I may as well embrace old age.

Let me explain my reasoning; when I was working as a public librarian I noticed a decided correlation between a patron's age and the about of nonfiction he or she read. For example, the older the patron, the more nonfiction books requested and checked out. Thus, reading nonfiction = aging. I'm cool with this.  I'll wallow in my love of the BBC, being a curmudgeon, and eating dinner at 3:45PM. Oh, stereotypes!
Kate Beaton is rad.

Anyhow, to ramble back to the subject of books, Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant is the best sort of nonfiction: a hilarious take on history in comic form.

Beaton is Canadian, so I've learned quite a bit about the history of our neighbors to the North. She also touches on the French Revolution, Ben Franklin, Tesla, famous writers, and much more. I've always loved history but have had a difficult time keeping important figures straight; Beaton's humorous take on the subject really helps me remember who was who.

If the comic below doesn't convince you to read Hark! A Vagrant, something is probably wrong with you.

Kate B.'s amazing blog:
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